Dedicated & Contract Warehousing - Short, Medium and Long Term


Whether your business is seasonal, project based or busy all year long, Eagle Overseas can meet your unique warehousing needs.

For over 30 years Eagle Overseas has been helping companies of all sizes streamline their operations and reduce costs with our warehousing and distribution services.

Public warehousing at Eagle Overseas is a great way to help your business free up capital, assets and other resources, allowing you to turn your attention to running your business and increasing profits. By only paying for the space, services and equipment you actually use we can save you significant sums of money.

Contract warehousing in partnership with Eagle Overseas allows your company to establish a highly efficient dedicated distribution centre. Our contract warehousing service can provide you with a long term solution for all your supply chain needs, from start to finish.

Eagle Overseas has the industry experience and financial stability to partner with companies and create a specialised and dedicated facility that meets their unique needs.

See for yourself the tremendous advantages and cost savings an Eagle Overseas contract warehouse provides.

Require A Dedicated Warehousing Partner?

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