Specialist Services

Eagle Overseas provides a range of specialist services to aid more particular and complex delivery requirements. Whether you need assistance with customs clearance or are in search of a custom bonded warehouse to store your dutiable goods, Eagle Overseas can help.

We can provide the correct and approved documentation required for exports and ensure the successful storage and distribution of your goods across international borders. 

Our skilled air, ocean and inland delivery task force are highly experienced at handling various forms of customised deliveries and are equipped to take on any challenge. 

If you need delivery services that go beyond the norm, contact EOS. We can customise our delivery service to suit your exact requirements.

The Eagle Overseas range of specialist services include:

  • Special Handling
    We have an experienced and well-trained task force capable of handling the most unique delivery requirements
  • Custom Clearance
    Eagle Overseas are here to provide all the assistance you need with customs clearance and international exports 
  • Bonded Facilities
    We provide both wet bonded and dry bonded warehouse storage for dutiable goods
  • Co-Packing
    We provide a comprehensive range of co-packing and value added services to assist retailers
  • Regional Consolidation