The distribution and delivery of your cargo needs to be complemented with safe, secure and efficiently organised storage services. Eagle Overseas provides a comprehensive range of storage solutions to ensure your goods are successfully managed during their life cycle - from storage and order fulfilment to inventory, reverse logistics and waste management.

From start to finish, Eagle Overseas is there to ensure that your product gets from the manufacturing floor to your customer's hands. We offer expedited distribution by drawing on our value added services, transportation assets and supply chain experience. By taking advantage of our storage service you will be able to free up your own valuable resources, assets and capital.

Our contract warehousing service will allow your business to set up a dedicated distribution centre in partnership with Eagle Overseas. We will provide you with a dedicated account management team to oversee all your warehousing and distribution needs. Our helpful service, industry experience and skilled expertise will ensure your goods are always in safe hands.

Eagle Overseas storage services include:

Reverse Logistics

We can assist with the organisation, control and management for the reverse flow of products and their delivery.

Dedicated Warehousing

Streamline your operations and reduce costs with Eagle Overseas's warehousing and distribution service.

Inventory Management

We can improve the organisational processes of your business with our inventory management service.

Waste Management

We can help minimise your environmental impact with recycling waste management services.

Registered Basis Warehouse